We are a small hobby breeder set right next

to the ocean surrounded by the largest Redwood

trees in Northern CA AKA, Humboldt County, CA.  

Our community is small town feel, where you know

everyone in town but also we live in much growing city.  

In the past we have bred horses, miniature Jersey

cows, dogs and many other species.  Attending many

educational events in life we are very adept to pick the

highest quality specimens of the Persian Cat and still maintain

their looks, health, longevity and most of all temperament.  Certified

in the past as equine appraisers, John Lyons Certified Horse Trainer, Dog Trainer, exotic animal rehabilitation, and animal behaviorist we present to you the very best in the feline world.


Today we have the passion for improving the breed of the Persian Cat.  We offer Silver Chinchilla, Silver Shaded and White Persians with an occasional bi color.  We strive to go above and beyond the CFA standard with a passion to provide the best temperament.  Our goal is to provide the Silvers and soon Goldens with a true turquoise eye color and sparkling coat that glistens in the light.  As for the White Persians we are striving for an odd eyed line that consistently produces odd eyes.

Our beautiful cats are raised underfoot, give birth in our bedroom and raised in a safe kitten friendly environment with socialization from us, family, a small dog and our 6 year old son.  We have an enclosed patio that allows our cat family to enjoy the sunshine and chase bugs and hunt them as all kitties are meant to do!

 Our males do NOT spray and there is no aggression in the males at any time.  Our son handles all the cats unfixed boys and girls.  Our lives revolve around the cats, therefore temperament is essential.

We also own a pet grooming salon in town so our cats are rarely shaved and kept in as close to full coat as possible.  We can also mentor you in the care of the eyes, ears and coat as much as you desire.  We know many outstanding products at affordable prices.

As out lifetime goal is to produce consistently outstanding cats to pet, show and breed we have made the foundation of our cattery off of three show cats and their offspring.  Enjoy the following pages and feel free to text us or email us!  707-683-2287


~ Patrick